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British Power Boats as working boats and houseboats.
(Please have patience while they load... the wait will be worth it!)

Cover of BPB Brochure

Cover of British Power Boat's
own publication and history.
see 'British Power Boat Co'

The following photographs were sent to me by Christian Sheppard-Capurro in Gibraltar and
are used with his kind permission
and my thanks. It is nice to see
that there are still a number of British Power Boats still around some 60 years after
they were first constructed.

I am always interested to hear about any
BPB craft if anyone out there has
information and or photographs I should
like to know.

Former RAF HSL 2554 as a private motor yacht in Gibraltar 2005
"Adeheid" ex HSL 2554 pictured in Gibraltar 2005.
After the war she was used as an RTTL (Radio Target Towing Launch) until 1947 in Gibraltar.

Former BPB vessels in Malta

2 x 71'.6" MTB/MGBs which are currently in Malta as harbour ferries "Raia" and "Ambra" photograph by courtesy of Hector Sheppard-Capurro

Photograph of BPB MASB 32 in Wartime

"MASB 32 " in Wartime

These photographs - above, and right - are of BPB MASB 32 shown in Wartime, now as a private motor yacht, and clearly shows the
classic sheer lines of Hubert Scott Paine's designs.


MASB 32 in her present role as a private Motor Yacht, 2005

"MASB 32 " in Peacetime MASB 32 as Private Motor Yacht "Fervent" in Gibraltar 2005

Potted History of MASB 32


The photographs on the right are delightful in that they show the vessel under way, photographed in her home port of Gibraltar early in 2005.

Her History is shown left... quite eventful. but it shows what a little bit of
love and care... and money can do

Three photos of Fervant under way in Gibraltar early 2005

There are only two British Power Boats left in their Wartime colours. High Speed Launch 102 and Motor Gun Boat 81. These are now berthed in Portsmouth Naval Dockyard, having been rescued and undergoing very expensive restoration to return them to their original service identity. Both are now used for corporate and private functions, earning money to enable them to survive. Both are on the Historic Ships Register. The photographs below were taken on 29th November 2013. Photographed by Michael Ian Byard.(Michael Ian Byard Collection)
HSL102 MGB81
HSL102 and MGB81
MGB81 at Portsmouth
MGB81 Life Ring
MGB81 Foredeck and new gun
MGB81 and HSL102
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