Family Cars
Below are a collection of cars that I, and latterly Anne, have owned to date.
My first car, Austin A40
My first car, an Austin A40, bought on 27th February 1960,
pictured in my back garden in Glenroy,
an outer suburb of Melbourne.
Myself and first car
Self and car, circa 1960
My Humber Hawke 1962
I bought this Humber Hawke, the second car,on
13th February 1962, a short lived ownership it proved
expensive in spare parts, shown at Station Pier,
Port Melbourne, March 1962
Second Austin Car
My third, but second Austin car, bought on 4th July 1962.
(My Mother outside my first wife
Marcia's house)

The fourth car an Austin Freeway,here pictured on the
Melbourne to Adelaide highway shortly after my
purchasing it in Adelaide in August 1969,
Reg No. SA 487-889, Vic Reg KHG467

My Austin Freeway

My Austin Freeway, in August 1972,
here pictured with Anne on board on our
Honeymoon, on the Melbourne to Adelaide highway.
Now Vic Reg KHG467

The fifth car, third Austin A40 Estate in England c. 1973/4.
A veritable "rust bucket", soon exchanged for the Hilman Minx
My Hillman Minx 1974 in UK
The sixth car - Hillman Minx, near Henley-on-Thames,
Oxfordshire circa 1974
Fiat Strada 1989
My seventh car was a Simca Estate, but I have no
photograph of this. This the eighth car - Fiat Strada, 1989
Anne's Vauxhall Astra 1996
Anne's company car, and her first,
which we later bought circa 1996
Anne's second Astra at verdun, France
Anne's second company car which
we also bought later, circa 1997

Anne's third Estate.
Anne's third car, Vauxhall Astra Estate, which she bought new in part exchange for the car opposite,

My ill-fated Landrover Discovery

My ninth vehicle.. a nice looking Landrover Discovery bought March 2003, but a disaster... the box frame chassis was rusted through when sold, with a possible 'dodgy' MOT Cert. I duly went to court and sued the car dealer and won the full refund of the car plus expenses March 2004.

Anne's MG
Anne's 4th Car an MG replaced by an automatic Renault Laguna
Anne's Laguna
Anne's 5th car, a Renault Laguna Automatic 2008
Anne's sixth Car-VW Golf c. 2010
Anne's 6th Car, VW Golf at home 2010

My 10th vehicle, an Astra automatic Estate 2011

Anne's 7th Car, a Hyundai c. 2016

Edward's Tesla, c.2017

Our Motor Home, 2019

Anne's 8th Car, all Electric Renault Zoe, 2020
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