MTB 451 Combat Report 1
A report of a Night Action by MTB 451, given by her Commanding Officer on 24th January 1945. to the Senior Officer of the 35th MTB Flotilla at HMS “Beahive”(PRO Reference: ADM 199/1464 - P116) QUOTE


I have the honour to submit the following report in accordance with C.A.F.O.1734/43, of an action with four or five E-:Boats on the night of the22nd/23rd January on which unit FB6, M.T.B.451 (Senior Officer) 452 and.'were employed on Anti-E-boat patrol in the vicinity of Tongue Sand Fort.

2. Weather conditions were: Wind S.S.W. Force 4-5, Sea 2-3, visability two miles. No phosphorescence.

3. At 0308 slipped and set course S82°E (Mag) 28 knots on receipt of plots passed verbally from Tongue Sand Fort. This information indicated an enemy course of' 225° and speed of 23 knots. Radar contact was obtained at 0314 Red 20 3700 yards and a continuous plot later showed the enemy course to have altered to 125°. At 0326 the unit altered course due South (Mag) enemy then being plotted ahead 1000 yards range. The enemy were then sighted on the starboard bow. The enemy opened fire and course was altered S20°W (Mag) to bring the guns of the unit to bear. The unit opened fire at 0327 at a range of 800 yards, ceasing fire at 0329 when the enemy made smoke and altered course sharply to Port in a North Easterly direction, causing the unit to lose visual contact. MTBs reduced speed to .20 knots and altered course to due :East (Mag) until 0335 when radar contact at Red 80, 2,500 yards caused an alteration of course to North East (Mag) speed was increased to 23 knots and subsequently at 0345 to 28 knots, course being.altered to N20E (Mag). In spite of continuous use of starshell no visual contact could be regained with the enemy though the plot showed ranges of 3000 yards (and at times less). At 0348 when the range had opened to 3500 yards and contact had faded it was decidedt in the absence of a confirmatory plot fron C in C Nore W/T to abandon the chase. It is regretted that C in C's W/T signals, T.O.O 0334 , 0340, 0400 and 0430 giving just such information were not received by M.T.B. 451 The unit accordingly returned to Tongue Sand Fort arriving at 0442.!

4. No damage or casualties received by own forces.

5. A list of signals is incorporated in Appendix II.

I have the Honour to be,


Your obedient Servant,

Lieutenant, RNVR, Commanding Officer. UNQUOTE

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