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Some of the ships mentioned below and on the following page(s) are those on which members of the extended family have served and noted accordingly. Others are as photographed at varying times during the last century, by various members of the family, which are acknowledged accordingly.
HMS Andromeda c1904
HMS Andromeda, 1904

My Mother's Brother, William John Pearce, served aboard this his first and only ship and fell overboard in the Bay of Bengall and was drowned, aged 19 years.

(Michael Byard Collection)

HMS Hood,

Chief Petty Officer Will Thatcher served aboard two battleships, HMS "Hood" and HMS "Valiant", and was seconded to the New Zealand Navy aboard the Cruiser HMS "Dunedin". during the 1930s During the Second World War he served aboard the Aircraft Carrier HMS "Illustrious"

Will was my Wife's Great Uncle.

(Michael Byard Collection)

HMS Dunedin

These Royal Navy Sloops were photographed by Edward (Jack) Byard during the 1920s in the harbour at Great Yarmouth. They are light loaded, as can be seen by the revealed waterline. Note also the exposed light naval gun on the foredeck.

(Michael Byard Collection)

Royal Yacht
"Victoria & Albert"

The photograph opposite is of the old Royal Yacht, "Victoria and Albert", on which Will Thatcher apparently served for a short time. The photo was found in his effects by his cousin who passed it his Brother, Phil Edwards, late father of my Wife Anne, in September 1999 who in turn gave it to me.

(Michael Byard Collection)

Copy of Shore Pass issued in USA
HMS Byard was a 'Captains Class' Frigate given to the Royal Navy under the USA 'Lend-lease' programme.She displaced 1300 tons and was 290 feet in length, with a beam of 35 feet. Launched on 6th March, 1943 she was completed early 1944, after service in England she returned to the USA on 1st January 1946 for scrapping.This copy of a leave pass was sent to Michael Byard in the 1970s.

Cover of Power Boats 1939 Brochure

Motor Torpedo Boat 451

Built by British Power Boat Company of Hythe, Southampton, designed by Hubert Scott-Paine,(1890 - 1954) she was originally laid down as a Motor Gun Boat and given the number 132, however she was re-designated whilst being completed to that of Motor Torpedo Boat 451.

After the war she was bought by Edward (Jack) and Mavis Byard and converted into a houseboat on the Lymington River, in Hampshire. (Click on MTB 451 below.)

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